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How to get maximum productivity from productivity softwareFebruary 4th, 2015

  Productivity software is a decades-old, major segment of the software market. The app stores have created a proliferation and fragmentation of productivity tools. Regardless of which productivity tools you select, here are three tips to get the most benefit from your productivity software.   Avoid Unnecessary Distractions   Distractions are a major impediment to […]

Research: The State of Mobile ProductivityOctober 29th, 2014

Do all those mobile devices you and your team carry boost or reduce productivity? New research suggests mobile productivity is on the rise. Azzurri surveyed 188 UK-based IT decision-makers. Respondents represented a broad set of industries. 65.1% were from companies with fewer than 200 employees.¬†The study¬†found that mobile devices are already increasing workforce productivity. Yet […]