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5 Ways Your Office Environment Impacts Employee ProductivityNovember 12th, 2014

Believe it or not, your office environment plays a major role in employee productivity. It this article we explore the impact of ergonomics, organization, greenery, temperature and open office layouts on employee productivity, health and happiness.   Ergonomics Matter According to the American Academy of Othopaedic Surgeons, workers are more productive if their workstation fits […]

3 Ways Greetly Leaves Lasting First ImpressionsOctober 22nd, 2014

You never get a second chance to make great first impressions. Within a few seconds, with just a glance, people have judged your social and economic level, your level of education, and even your level of success… Although these evaluations happen in an instant, they can last for years: first impressions are often indelible. ― […]