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Advantages of Visitor Sign In SoftwareJuly 5th, 2016

Visitor sign in software applications are a recent invention. Yet they have already proven valuable in helping small offices to save money. These apps can also help an organization create a digital visitor log, eliminating the paper books used for decades.   Visitor sign in software acts as a virtual receptionist for small offices. Few companies maintain a […]

What You Need to Look For in an Office Automation SystemJune 21st, 2016

  Small businesses need to be lean and agile as well as capable to deliver high quality service and products in order to compete with large corporations. In many small organizations, you come across repetitive and monotonous tasks that are done by an employee, which can be easily performed by a well designed office automation […]

5 Tips to Increase Productivity in the WorkplaceJune 14th, 2016

If you manage a business, you recognize the constant pressure to increase productivity in the workplace. It is a never-ending battle to get the most out of your limited resources. While there are countless enemies of productivity, this article explores five tips to help you increase productivity for yourself and your team.   Reduce Face-To-Face […]

3 Tips to Maximize the Productivity of Your ReceptionistJune 7th, 2016

Many companies expect their receptionists to be superheroes. A successful receptionist must maintain a professional demeanor at all times and with everyone who interacts with the company, both employees and visitors. Receptionists must be savvy with a variety of technical tools that help them perform their duties and to improve the communication within the company. […]

How to get maximum productivity from productivity softwareFebruary 4th, 2015

  Productivity software is a decades-old, major segment of the software market. The app stores have created a proliferation and fragmentation of productivity tools. Regardless of which productivity tools you select, here are three tips to get the most benefit from your productivity software.   Avoid Unnecessary Distractions   Distractions are a major impediment to […]